Admission Service for Students Majoring in Art


         We help students who want to apply for art degree programs at a college or university in the USA, to prepare their art portfolio, application forms, personal statements and other required documents. After carefully assessing the applicant’s goals and academic expectations, our expert counselors guide students in matching a college or university with a program that best suits their specific area of artistic interest and expertise. We are familiar with the admission procedures and specific requirements for most of the leading art schools and colleges in the United States, and we are able to successfully guide and assist our candidates through the process to ultimately achieve their goals.

          Mike Malley is one of our professional consultants who is also a professor of English writing at a local college and university. Using his professional writing skills, he is available to help students complete their application forms, personal statements and other required documents. As an educator, he knows what admission officers and professors are looking for in their student recruiting process, and he is skillful at portraying candidates’ most brilliant attributes and their best qualities in all documents to future administrators and faculty members.

          Sally Mao is another experienced consultant who has a broad background in fine arts and visual communication. She helps students prepare and improve their art portfolios in accordance with their aptitude instead of following the same traditional model that they have in the past. Sally’s method of portfolio preparation and presentation insures that the applicant’s hard work will stand out among others.






        Mike Malley是我们的专业顾问之一,他是美国的大学的英语教授。利用他的专业技能,他可以帮助学生完成他们的申请表,个人陈述和其他必需的文件。Mike擅长于用美国人眼光来挖掘和展示申请者最闪光的特质和最优秀的素养,从而使申请者的申请文书更具竞争力。

        Sally Mao是另一位经验丰富的顾问,她在纯艺术和视觉传达方面拥有深厚的背景。她帮助学生根据自身的资质来准备和提升学生的艺术作品,而不是遵循千篇一律的传统模式。Sally也深知美国艺术作品集与中国艺术高考的不同点和重要性,所以Sally善于帮助中国艺术学生转变思维来通过他们在美国的“艺术高考”— 艺术作品集的准备。Sally的艺术作品集准备方法和展现手段可以确保申请人的辛勤劳作在其他竞争者中脱颖而出。


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