Art Portfolio 大学升学作品集准备  


      An art portfolio is a collection of student’s works, and it gives student the opportunity to show off their artistic skills, experiences and interests, and it helps admissions officers decide if student would be a good fit for their school. So, art portfolio is usually the most important part of student’s application because it lets schools see firsthand the work they have created.

      There are a number of programs that may require applicants to submit a portfolio, some of which include Apparel Design, Architecture, Art Education, Art History, Ceramics, Photography, Film, Fine Arts, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Painting and Sculpture, etc. Even student can get some extra credits by art portfolio in some programs without requirement of Art portfolios. So, many students give themselves enough time to prepare their art portfolio at the beginning of their high school, and some students are even earlier.

      Our course will teach student how to show their skill of technical mastery, their various and versatile media or art forms, their unique style and their personality in their works to strength their competition in college application.


      艺术作品集是学生代表作品的汇编,它给了学生一个展示自己艺术技能、经验和兴趣的机会, 并帮助大学招生老师判断此学生是否符合他们学校的招生要求。所以,艺术作品集在学生的大学申请环节是非常重要的一个部分,因为它让学校了解到第一手的关于学生作品的信息。





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