Chinese and English Handwriting / 中英文硬笔书法


Who this course is for:

  Student who wants to develop a new hobby.

  Student who wants to strengthen his/her skill in writing Chinese and English in a step-by-step process.

  Student who wants to learn the spirit of Chinese characters. 

  Student who would like to enhance his/her daily life with beautiful hand-drawn Chinese characters or English letters.

  Student who believe the old Chinese saying: “handwriting can determine a man and his personality”.

  Children ages 5 and up.

  This course is for absolute beginners as well as students with handwriting experience



What you’ll learn

  Learn how to use pencil, fountain pen (pointed pen) and Pilot Parallel pen.

  The good handwriting posture. Develop the habit of good posture when writing

  Understand and learn weight, proportion, contrast, elasticity and rhythmical image in Chinese handwriting.

  Learn to write English letters, Arabic numbers and Chinese characters equal to grades 1–6 in Chinese elementary school.

  How to write with ease, energy and confidence. Students will be able to eventually create their own calligraphy works.



















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