Sally S. Mao

Graduated from China Academy of Art with B.A major in graphic design and had taken refresher course of graduate program at Academy of Art University in San Francisco and California State University in Los Angeles.

As a user interface (UI) designer and expert of user-centered design (UCD), Sally had worked in Huawei, China.

As a senior lecturer of EPSON Print Academy in China. Sally independently developed all course materials for the academy, and trained other lecturers.

Solid and profound experience in fine art, graphic design and digital color management.

 Sally was invited as a guest lecturer to give digital color management classes at China Academy of Art, Beijing Normal University, Shanghai Normal University, Fudan University, Shanghai International Studies University, Nanjing Art College, etc.

Six oil paintings of Sally were collected by First-Trust Fund Management Company of China.

Possesses the certificate of Chinese Senior Photographer, awarded by the Labor Ministry of China, was honored the title of Chinese Excellent Photographer by China Artistic Photography Society and Chinese Photographer, and is the member of China Art Photography Association, the Shanghai Photography Association and the Shanghai Women Photographer Association.




• 毕业于中国美术学院视觉传达设计,进修于旧金山艺术学院和加州大学洛杉矶分校的研究生课程

• 曾作为用户体验设计专家和界面设计师任职于中国华为

• 曾作为高级讲师任职于爱普生数码影像学院,独立编写全套爱普生数码影像学院教材,并培训其他讲师

• 在绘画、平面设计、数码色彩管理领域有着扎实的基础和丰富的经验

• 做为数码色彩管理领域的专家,曾被以下学校邀请讲学:中国美术学院, 北京师范大学,上海师范大学,复旦大学视觉艺术学院,上海外国语学院,南京艺术学院等。

• 六张油画作品曾被中国泰信基金永久收藏

• 热爱摄影,获得中国劳动部颁发的“中国高级摄影师”职业资格证。曾被中国摄影家杂志社和中国艺术摄影学会评为“中国优秀摄影家”。中国艺术摄影协会会员,上海摄影协会会员,上海女摄影家协会会员







      Mike Malley­


           With a master’s degree in English, and an undergraduate in Legal  

       Studies and Business Administration, Mike has been active in the American

       business community over thirty years, and in education as a Professor of

       English for almost ten. His expertise in linguistics, editing and copywriting

       has allowed him to help many customers to achieve their goals.

               At Tutusally Art Studio, Mike assists students who are majoring in art to

        prepare their college and university application documents such as

        application forms, personal statements, description of the art work in their

        portfolio and other requirements; moreover, he guides students who desire

        to take part in various national and local art competitions to choose the

        contests which best reflect their talents, abilities and skills.










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